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Rates & Charges


Service Monthly Charge
Analog Line (Fax/Alarm) $ 44.15
VoIP single line telephone $ 38.50
VoIP multi line telephone $124.20
E911 charge on all telephone/lines $ 0.25
DID (Direct in dial number) $ 7.00
Voicemail Service $ 9.00
Automatic Call Distribution $200.00
Call processing-entry point $ 78.80
Call processing-each additional step $ 26.25

Service Charges

Installation and relocation of telephone/fax/alarm service

With existing jack/cable $72.90
New jack/cable required $164.40
Installation of voice mail $37.00
Telephone software changes $18.50
Installation of Automatic Call Distribution $72.90
Name changes, password resets, disconnection No Charge
Telephone training $72.90
Note: An administration charge of $18.50 applies to all orders

Meet Me Conference Calls

Per session
(Excludes any collect calls accepted)

Head Sets

Call for pricing.

Data Cable and Fiber

Category VI wiring installation Call for pricing
Fiber installation Call for pricing
Data Jack conversion $25.00
Note: An administration charge of $18.50 applies to all orders

Vandalism and Thefts

Department/user is responsible for replacement costs (price to be determined)
PLUS service charge $72.90
PLUS administration charge $18.50

Telecommunications / Telecom York
Administrative Services: (416)736-2100, Ext. 44357
Location: 016 Steacie Science and Engineering Building