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Spam Filter implemented for students

UIT applies a spam filter to all student email accounts with "" addresses.  This filter does not affect mail delivered to individuals using other Faculty email systems.

The spam filter will move any message tagged by the system as spam to a folder called Yspam-found

You should scan this folder regularly to ensure that no email message was wrongly tagged as spam. The system will delete messages in this folder that are older than 14 days.

If you receive mail that was incorrectly identified as SPAM and placed in the Yspam-found folder, then copy that message to the Yspam-notspam folder save. This will train the filter not to mark that type of message as spam in the future.  You should also save a copy in another folder to protect against losing the message.

This Yspam-notspam folder will be checked nightly. The main filter will be updated accordingly, and then the messages will be deleted from the folder.

York's spam filter screens out hundreds of thousands of spam messages every day however inevitably some messages will get past the spam filter.