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File Access Service (FAS)

File Access Service (FAS) is a file share service for students at York University. A Passport York account is required to authenticate and access a FAS share. FAS - File Access Service allows students access to campus computers at libraries and labs.

FAS has dedicated storage allocation to accommodate various academic purposes such as:

  • Share course materials with students
  • Data repository for academic research

The service runs on premise, in York University datacenters which are secure, highly availability, reliable and resilient.

Service Costs

There is no service fee for students to use FAS.


Authentication to the service requires a Passport York account

Supported client operating systems:

  • Mac OS X, 10.13 and higher
  • Microsoft Windows 10

How do I get it?

Students automatically receive 1 GB of storage space to store personal files for academic purposes. When students log in to a student lab computer or public kiosk computer, the FAS allocation shows up as F: drive under ‘My Computer’.


How do I access FAS remotely, off campus?
You can access FAS remotely using MyApps

How do I recover an older copy of a folder or file?
You can personally recover an old copy of a folder or file up to 30 days old

What other free storage options do I have if the FAS allocation is not enough?
Undergraduate students receive a free Google Apps account, which includes Google Drive storage per For more information, go to

Undergraduate and Graduate students also receive a free Microsoft O365 account, which includes OneDrive with 5 TB of storage. For more information, go to

How do I copy files from FAS to Local PC, OneDrive or Google Drive?

Please see instructions (Word Document) for copying files from FAS to Local PC, OneDrive or Google Drive.

How do I get help?

Submit a service request or email