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VoIP Telephone

VoIP Phone Service is available at all York University residences.

Residents with active Passport York accounts should use VoIP Request Form for VoIP phone service and billing inquiries.

Monthly Service Charge: $21.50/month plus HST.

Activation/Move Fee: $43.50

Charges are posted to your Student Account following the month in which they were incurred. For example, your charge for the month of January will appear on your Student Account in February.

VoIP phones are installed by a UIT technician.  They remain the property of York University.  When you terminate service, please submit a termination request using the Service Request Form.  We will contact you to arrange the return of the VoIP phone.   A charge of $100.00 will be applied to your Student Account for a missing or damaged phone.  (Monthly charges will continue to be billed to your account until we receive notice from you to terminate your service and the phone is returned so please remember to cancel your service if you move out.)