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Assignment Submission (Turnitin)


Supporting York's commitment to Academic Integrity, Turnitin is web-based software which scans submitted works for similarity to material in public websites, academic journals, papers purchased from an essay mill, etc., and to essays and assignments concurrently or previously submitted to Turnitin, which are stored in a database. An 'originality report' is then provided to the instructor, who remains responsible for determining any breach of academic honesty. Turnitin has released a major product upgrade called Turnitin Feedback Studio, which is a more streamlined user interface of the product while maintaining all of the functionalities of Turnitin.

How do I Access My Turnitin Assignment

Follow the instructions in the Student QuickStart Guide to create your Turnitin account and submit your assignment.

How do I get help?

  1. Turnitin interactive demo
  2. Detailed Student Turnitin Guide
  3. York Academic Integrity website