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Program Closure

According to the YUQAP, closure of a program (majors, certificates, degrees) follows the same governance procedures as a major modification. "Program closure" includes the closure of degrees and degree programs, including credit diplomas and certificates. There are several reasons for closing a program including low enrolment, changes in academic programs, and/or lower quality programs as articulated in cyclical reviews or determined solely by the institution.

Upon receipt of the Notice of Intention, or NOI, the Vice-Provost Academic will have details to authorize the development of a proposal to close a program.

Protocol for Program Closure

YUQAP Section 5.2.1. The protocol applies to the closure of programs, which includes the closure of degrees and degree programs including credit diplomas and certificates.

Templates & Guidelines

Notice of Intent to Close a Program Proposal Template

(Updated July 2023)

As outlined in the YUQAP, prior to the development of a program modification proposal, proponents shall submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Vice-Provost Academic.

A formal letter of support from the relevant Dean or Principal must accompany the Notice of Intent.

For support in developing a Notice of Intent (NOI), contact the Office of the Vice Provost Academic.


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