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About the Office of the Vice-Provost Teaching & Learning

Message from the Vice-Provost Teaching & Learning,
Chloƫ Brushwood Rose

It's a pleasure to welcome you to the Office of the Vice-Provost Teaching & Learning and to tell you a bit about what we do. Teaching and learning are at the core of York's academic mission and the University Academic Plan articulates the aim to "diversify whom, what and how we teach" as one of its six key priorities. Our Office is focused on this priority and on enriching the pedagogical experience for students, faculty, and instructors across all academic units and programs. As part of this work, we work closely with colleagues in the Provost's office, through collegial governance and across all Divisions and Faculties.

Central to the aim of diversifying whom we teach is our recognition of the unparalleled diversity of our student body, which is essential to our identity as an institution whose core values include social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity. The diversity of our community is a strength that differentiates us from any other institution in Canada. At the same time, we recognize the on-going need to enhance access to university teaching and learning for equity deserving groups that have experienced systemic marginalization from these spaces. Diversifying what and how we teach is inextricably linked to the work of increasing access to post-secondary education.

York University faculty are at the forefront of exploring and championing transformative approaches to teaching and learning, including the purposeful inclusion of technology in the pedagogical process and the growth of opportunities for experiential education across academic programs. Our Office supports faculty across the university as they pursue innovation and transformation in teaching, in particular, through the Teaching Commons, a central unit that provides support to faculty in the areas of engaged teaching and curriculum development.

It is my great privilege to look forward to working with all members of the university community in the pursuit of more equitable, creative, accessible, and socially just approaches to teaching and learning in the coming years.


Chloƫ Brushwood Rose
Vice-Provost Teaching & Learning

Technology Enhanced Learning

Find out more about how we support eLearning projects and language, along with eLearning resources from the Teaching Commons.

Experiential Education

Discover how experiential education (EE) is developed, implemented and evaluated.

Faculty Development

Learn more about the teaching and learning culture at York, and its scholarly, inquiry-based approach to education. 

Advancing institutional priorities

The Office of the Vice-Provost Teaching & Learning works closely and collaboratively with Faculty leaders, champions, enthusiasts and innovators to advance the priorities of the university academic plan (UAP) through a variety of initiatives and approaches.

In partnership with working groups and committees across the university, we develop a collective vision and strategy that will inspire, animate and enable our faculty to cultivate enriching and meaningful educational experiences for our students.

Enabling innovation

The office administers the Academic Innovation Fund (AIF), which provides support for the implementation of teaching and learning initiatives that strategically align with university priorities, including experiential education and technology-enhanced teaching and learning.

Promoting innovative teaching and learning activity at York University

We work collaboratively with YFile to curate news stories about teaching and learning innovation at York University. These stories appear in Innovatus, a special monthly edition of Y-file, produced by the Division of Communications and Public Affairs at York University.

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