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YU Experience Hub

York University is bridging the gap between the classroom and the work environment.

Through a dedicated team of full time staff, the YU Experience Hub identifies, structures and implements Experiential Education opportunities across York University.

Experiential Education affords students the opportunity to apply theory to a concrete experience in a manner that advances the learning objectives of a course or program.


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Are you looking to engage York's talented and motivated students? We have a staff complement dedicated to helping our stakeholders identify, structure and implement Experiential Education opportunities with York's best and brightest. From classroom speaking opportunities, to field research projects, to coop and summer internship programs, the opportunities are limitless. Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can work together!

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Whether you're a student, employer, faculty member, or community partner, contact us today!

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Sherri Tran

Business Administration, Schulich
@ York University

Jason Harper

Trilingual Studies & Linguistics, Glendon
@ York University

Whether in the classroom, out in the community, or at work, York offers Experiential Education opportunities in a wide variety of environments. EE opportunities exist across many of York's programs, designed to fit every learning style. Check out some of the incredible learning experiences below!