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Employers & Community Partners

Inspire your organization with the fresh perspectives and valuable insights of York University's students.

Help them gain an understanding of your organization and its objectives. Demonstrate the unique challenges your organization faces. Then partner with them as they apply their training and develop solutions for your needs.

In the Classroom

Be a Guest Speaker in the classroom to give your perspective on a key issue in the course, or participate in an interview conducted by our students to share insights about your field.

In the Community

Research Projects

Collaborate on a project within a course with students who will address your business challenge, goals or area of research interest. Typically you should be available for approximately two class visits on campus and be available by email or telephone, to answer key questions pertaining to the project. Collaborative project opportunities are available in: Marketing, Social Work, Economics, Public Policy, Equity Studies, Multicultural & Indigenous Studies, Sociology, and Communications.

Community Service

Students can provide direct service to your organization, through a wide range of activities including mentoring, advocacy, outreach and awareness, and assisting with events. Community partners often participate in the assessment of the students learning through service projects. The experience may require a formal partnership by way of an affiliation agreement between York University and the partner organization.

At Work

Cooperative Education

Provide students with an opportunity to develop competencies, skills and experience in an organizational work environment. The experience will require a formal partnership by way of an affiliation agreement between York University and the partner organization outlining items such as obligations of York University, obligations of the partner organization, insurance considerations and other specifics pertaining to the activity.

Paid Internships

Host students for a work term in a paid position. The work experience will require some form of learning agreement that is shared by the employer, the faculty supervisor and the student. The student's work progress is monitored by York University and work performance is supervised and evaluated by the partner organization.


Engage students in work activities where they will practice the discipline or course specific competencies and skills in your organization. The placement student is available on a full-time or part-time basis during the school year and students receive course credit for their work with the partner organization.

Learn More

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