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TTC and YRT/Viva Service Improvements

TTC and YRT/Viva partnership offers customers additional service options between Downsview Station and York University. For more information, please click here.


 Information on specific routes and holiday service can be obtained from TTC Information at 416-393-4636 or on their website at . TTC route maps are available from Transportation Services, subway ticket booths, the Source (Student Centre) and Inkblotz in the York Lanes.

The following is a list of all the TTC bus services to the Keele Campus, York University:

York University 196 Express
This express bus service links the Downsview Subway station and the York Campus directly. Please note that there is no weekend/holiday service on this route.

York University 196B
This bus travels to and from York University and Sheppard Subway Station (peak hours) with a stop at Downsview Station. Please note that there is no weekend/holiday service on this route.

York University 106
This bus services provides a direct link between the York Keele Campus and Downsview station, traveling throughout the entire campus as it goes along Ian MacDonald Boulevard (the campus road ring). This route makes many stops adjacent to major buildings on campus.

Steeles West 60B
This bus service connects the Finch Subway station with the northern boundary of the campus and runs as far west as Martingrove.

Steeles West 60C and 60F
These bus services connect to Finch Subway station and travel to and through the northeast part of the York Keele campus.

Finch West 36
This service connects Finch station with the Keele and York University 196 bus routes.

Jane 35E
This services runs along Jane Street and comes right onto the campus.

Jane 35A, 35B
These bus services do not come onto campus but do stop at the Shoreham entrance on the west side of the campus.

Keele 41, 41B
These bus routes travel along Keele and come right onto the campus.

Keele 41C, 41D
These bus routes travel along Keele, but do not come onto campus. They do however pass by the main Keele Street entrance to York University .

Keele North 107
This bus route, which also travels along Keele, runs between Wilson and Major McKenzie Drive.


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