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Reserve Your Seat - York University Mobile App

Starting September 13, 2021 all users of the Shuttles will be required to prebook a seat on the shuttle using the York University Mobile Order Reservation App.

How to Download the App


The Transact Mobile Ordering App is available in both iOS and Android. You can find the app in your App Store.


From the dropdown menu, choose York University and fill out the required information.


You must be an active student, faculty, or staff member with a valid YU card to ride the shuttle.

How to Reserve Your Seat

  1. Open the Shuttle app
  2. Select the date you want to reserve a seat
  3. Select the time you want to reserve a seat. 
    • Check that the shuttle is going where you want, i.e. Glendon to Keele or Keele to Glendon (this will change based on time of travel)
    • Tap the time selected, you will be taken to a new screen
    • Tap select time
    • A confirm screen will pop up, tap reserve
  4. A confirm screen will pop up, tap Cancel or Reserve
  5. Reservation Confirmed screen will appear
  6. You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation
  7. In order to board the bus you will be required to tap on with the QR code that has been sent to your mobile device as well as show valid YU card
  8. Tap on the receipt for the shuttle you wish to take
    • A QR code will appear
    • Tap the card reader in the bus
    • Sit in the predesignated seats marked on the bus

Advanced Reservations
You may reserve up to 10 shuttle rides in a 5-day period. To check your reservations, return to the main screen. Open the Order Queue, you will see all the reservations you have made.

Cancelling a Reservation
To cancel a reservation, open your order queue and simply tap the Cancel button for the day and time you wish to cancel your seat, a Cancel Reservation Screen will pop up, simply tap Cancel Reservation. You will receive an email confirming the cancelation as well as a notification in your order queue.