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Open Access Teaching & Learning grants

The AIF awarded 25 Open Access Teaching & Learning grants (Category IV) for 2020 - 2021.

Open Access Teaching and Learning Grants were open to full-time and contract faculty members to encourage the development of open access learning resources during COVID-19. The focus of the call is on non-curricular initiatives to provide engagement opportunities and support to our current, incoming, and prospective students as well as to members of the public.

2020 - 2021

“Old School” Site specific lighting design at home

Project Lead: Jennifer Jimenez

Theatre devising starter kit: Tools to create from scratch

Project Leads: Marlis Schweitzer, Autumn Smith

Developing open access resources for creative studio-based teaching and learning

Project Lead: Wendy Wong

Online teaching and learning resources for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in postsecondary education

Project Lead: Pam Millet

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -- Not just a catch phrase: An introduction to the waste management hierarchy

Project Leads: Mark Winfield, Calvin Lakhan

Measuring and managing our ecological footprint

Project Lead: Eric Miller

Human rights praxis project ebook

Project Leads: Eva Peisachovich (Health), Lisa Brown (REI)

Emerging leadership training: YU matter & YU thrive/YU flourish

Project Leads: Mazen Hamadeh (Health), Agata Stypka (Stong College), Jennine Rawana (Calumet College)

Chasse aux trésors de la francophonie (Hunt for the treasures of the francophonie)

Project Lead: Lukas Arnason

Using an adaptive online learning environment to improve fundamental math skill

Project Lead: Robert J. McKeown

Navigating York: The Jane Finch experience

Project Lead: Lorna Erwin

“Get ready for class” – Series of online modules

Project Leads: Saba Rafiq, Mona Frial Brown

Creating an online hackathon

Project Leads: Andrew Maxwell, Maedeh Sedaghat

Perceiving what lies beneath the surface: Increasing spatial awareness and surficial clues to understand 3D objects and landscapes

Project Lead: Matthew Perras

Lassonde Academy – 2020 Expansion

Project Lead: Sean Billingsley, Lisa Cole

Group work 101: Collaborative learning for success

Project Leads: Sophie Bury

An introduction to refugees & forced migration: Online CRS module

Project Leads: Sean Rehaag

Climate justice in Toronto: Meet the activists

Project Leads: Christopher Lortie, Malory Owen

Bringing the indoor biome to life with kitchen sink ecology or doing citizen science with #sciencefromhome

Project Lead: Dawn Bazely

Teaching python & data science skills to science undergraduates

Project Lead: Elaina Hyde

My career exploration guide

Project Leads: Roma Kozinska, Susan Pogue, Layton Fogah

Indigenous teaching, protocols and services for students

Project Leads: Brian Poser, Randy Pitawanakwat, Amy Desjarlais

Toolkit for quality remote service delivery

Project Leads: David Ip Yam, Amanda Sartori

Living works start – suicide awareness program

Project Lead: Shaila Khan

Experiential education at York University – A video exploration

Project Leads: Kathleen Winningham