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Explore AIF projects

The Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) supports implementation of projects that advance York University's institutional priorities outlined in the University Academic Plan, Strategic Mandate Agreement and the Institutional Integrated Resource Plan. This page provides an overview and archive of funded projects since 2011, when the AIF started.

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Phase 1 (2011 - 2014)

During this period the AIF provided $5,000,000 in funding to 54 Category I projects which focused on:

Phase 3 (2018 - present)

During this period the AIF provided funding to 44 Category I projects which focused on:

The AIF provided individual grants for:

  • 14 projects on Curricular Innovation (Category II)
  • 24 projects on the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning for eLearning, EE (SoTL, Category III)
  • 25 projects on Open Access Teaching & Learning (Category IV)

Phase 2 (2015 -2018)

During this period the AIF provided funding to 41 Category I projects which focused on:

In addition the AIF provided grants for 91 Category II projects which focused on Curricular Innovation.

Current AIF funding categories

Category I

Supports pan-university, faculty or group-based projects that support academic innovation

Category II

Supports individual full-time or contract faculty members for curricular innovation projects

Category III

Supports Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) projects

Category IV

Supports Open Access Teaching and Learning projects

Implement innovation

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