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Student experience and student success funded projects

These projects focused upon embedding student success and student retention strategies within undergraduate degree programs.

There are four funding categories.

  • Category I: Pan-University Projects
  • Category II A: Curricular Innovation Projects
  • Category II B: Curricular Innovation Grant-Innovative Course Prototyping
  • Category III: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Projects


Phase 4

Curricular Innovation Grants were open to full-time and contract faculty members.

  • Grants for eLearning course support redesign incorporating blended learning, fully online learning or the flipped classroom.
  • Grants for EE support the embedding of three (3) EE strategies: Classroom-focused, Community-focused, and Work-focused (work-integrated learning).
  • Grants for Internationalization support the embedding of international perspectives/opportunities.

A full list of grants that were awarded can be found here.

2018 - 2021

Phase 3

  1. POSSIBLE FUTURES: Supporting Undergraduate Students with Fourth-Year Transition Anxiety through On-Line Alumni- Mentorship Videos
  2. Implementing learning success strategies in a large, fully online first year course
  3. Investigations on the Relations Between Temperament and Academic Achievement
  4. Corroborating the Curriculum: A framework to help students connect graduate outcomes to the Learning activities undertaken along the way
  5. Student perceptions of first-year engineering tutorials
  6. Maximizing Prime Time: New Tools for First-Year Theatre Students
  7. Academic Literacy in Kinesiology: Examining Perception of Competence among KHS Students and Faculty

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