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Student Resiliency, Learning Skills and Well-Being


This pan-university project aims to build on the momentum of two former AIF projects that the co-leads have developed and sustained:

“First Year Transition Course Supported by Experiential Learning and eLearning: a 3 pronged approach to enhancing the First Year Experience.” This 3 credit General Education course is made up of experiential seminars in which students learn fundamental and advanced university and life-long learning skills.

“Virtual Learning Skills Program.” This project is in development and offers students in-depth education in learning skills in a dynamic eLearning environment.

Student Resiliency, Learning Skills and Well-Being proposes online and course-based education that addresses the important gap in programs and services for student resilience, grounded in positive psychology. This project focuses on student resiliency because it is a core factor that influences student success and well-being.

Project Lead(s)

Rosanna Furgiuele

David Ip Yam (co-lead)



Funding Priority

Students Success, eLearning, Experiential Education