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Envision YU


There is an urgent need to embed career relevancy and support for students’ personal and academic development within the curriculum, without compromising academic integrity, or adding greater burden on faculty. A collaboration of the Student Success Centre, Teaching Commons and Learning Commons, the purpose of this project is to develop a Moodle-based repository of course-specific activities designed to enable students to envision how their coursework develops their skills and experiences, bridges to the world outside the university and provides opportunities to connect directly with that world. These modules will enable students to understand and articulate the transferability of their skills and competencies to their careers in more nuanced ways, providing students and their parents with the assurance of the value of every major in today’s world. Additionally, the project will provide support resources for faculty and staff to utilize the Envision YU modules effectively. 

Project Lead(s)

Carolyn Steele  


Vice Provost Students

Funding Priority

Student Success, Experiential Education, eLearning