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Outcomes Assessment System


Advancing student success strategies within the curriculum is the priority of this project which focuses on creating a system for faculty members and students that enables the careful review and monitoring of program quality and effectiveness. Continual program improvement is only possible with careful and thoughtful analysis of many indicators for success, but by far the most telling, useful, encompassing and sought after indicator of success is the students’ performance relative to learning outcomes at various levels within the system (e.g., course, program, and/or institution level).

Curriculum committees are unable to remain nimble and respond to changing student needs using outcomes performance data, nor can they efficiently or easily use outcomes-evidence to take action and make improvements to curriculum. If we are truly going to put students first, this needs to change and the proposed system aims to fill this gap.

We want to proactively address retention issues with informed evidence. In addition, we currently have no systematic way of capturing the teaching and learning experiences of course directors, nor an efficient means of passing this information on to the course director that follows, or the curriculum committee. This tool provides a space to record these experiences.

Project Lead(s)

Salvatore Paneduro


Lassonde School of Engineering

Funding Priority

Student Success