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Expanding University 101


As an extension of a pilot in the Faculty of LA&PS, Expanding University 101 is a project with three objectives. The course firstly aims to help incoming, direct-entry high school students (particularly those accessing post-secondary education for the first time) make a successful transition to university. Successful transitions positively impact both student success and retention within the faculty.

Secondly, the project will contribute to the advancement of effective modes of eLearning – specifically, through more compelling gamification (e.g., the application of game design elements, dynamics, and frameworks) of course activities. A new eClass format will be created to make the online interface more engaging for students; this format will be accessible to any instructor interested in gamifying their courses in 2022.

Lastly, the project includes the creation of a more robust peer mentoring framework, so that upper-level students can gain valuable leadership experience and participate in impactful university-community collaborations.

Project Lead(s)

Anita Lam



Funding Priority

student success, eLearning, Experiential Education