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Experiential Learning Opportunity through Research and Exchange (EXPLORE)


There is a profound gap between learning science in a classroom versus working as a researcher to make new discoveries at the forefront of knowledge. The latter requires open-ended thinking and effective collaboration within international research teams, along with fluency in virtual workspaces and code and data sharing platforms. With these goals in mind, this proposal creates a new program for students at York to collaborate on cutting-edge research projects with student peers and faculty mentors at non-Canadian universities.

United under common research themes, student cohorts from York and foreign universities will be mixed and divided into small research teams to collaborate on projects in theoretical physics, astrophysics, computational physics, and/or data analysis. The program will also include supplementary topical lectures, tutorials on Python-based computing, and the use of various virtual workspaces and platforms such as GitHub and Slack.

Project Lead(s)

Sean Tulin



Funding Priority

internationalization, Experiential Education, eLearning