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International Experiential Learning (IEL) Program in Engineering


The purpose of this project is to incorporate experiential learning into a study aboard program, which would transform it into an international experiential learning (IEL) program. Students enrolling in the proposed IEL program will (i) take part in a 4-week long intensive engineering course in the summer, and (ii) conduct a companion internship or a research assistantship for at least 12 weeks. Both components of the program will be held aboard in Asia, Europe, or the United States. The combination of the course and the internship should count towards academic credit. The program will help students developing competencies and skills through hands-on work and/or research experiences related to their disciplines. The international context of studying and working aboard will increase students’ curiosity and interest in their learning process and thereby enhance their learning experiences.

Project Lead(s)

Siu Ning (Sunny) Leung


Lassonde School of Engineering

Funding Priority