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Scott Library Media Creation Lab (MCL)


The Scott Library Media Creation Lab (MCL) will facilitate Experiential Education implementations and embedded eLearning within undergraduate and graduate degree programs across the Keele campus and for York University in general. The Lab will provide open, equitable access to audio and video recording equipment (including two 360-degree cameras), an audio-visual media creation space, portable virtual reality headsets, and workstations for hands-on digital media production work. The project will create openly licensed resources for faculty members who want to integrate audio- and video-based assignments and activities into their courses, and will serve as home to a student club for anyone interested in using the equipment for multimedia creation projects. This critical and accessible infrastructure supports media literacy skills development in support of coursework and capstone projects. In addition, it serves faculty needs for equipment and recording space as they are developing their own eLearning Open Educational Resource materials.  

Project Lead(s)

Kris Joseph, Anna St Onge, Sarah Coysh  



Funding Priority

Experiential Education, eLearning