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Smartphones to accommodate students: A Skill Training Tool-Box



Accommodating students during skill training can be challenging, as mastery of skills oftentimes must be completed in a short timeframe. Yet when students are given the choice to record themselves performing a skill and to share their videos with self, peers and faculty, they experience many benefits: skill immersion, increase skill retention and improvement to their well-being.  Using a cross-domain collaborative approach (nursing, athletic therapy, engineering, and dance), we will design, develop, and evaluate a “SAMbA Tool Box” of pedagogy-based videotaped instructions and resources.  It will include:

a) instructional techniques and technology supports, for both students and instructors, for recording skill videos using smartphones and for giving and receiving feedback; and

b) learning modules and resources for developing cost-effective simulated models (e.g., materials to practice sutures removal or/and wound care) to teach and practice skills, anywhere and anytime.

The SAMbA Tool Box will be designed for sustainability, inviting students and faculty to use, modify, add, and share knowledge to accommodate skill teaching and learning using smartphones and, when applicable, simulated models.

Project Lead(s)

Iris Epstien (lead); D. Robinson, J. Andrew, M. Baljko (Co-leads)



Funding Priority

eLearning, Experiential Education, Student success