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Student-Centric and Faculty-Sponsored Experiential Education Hub


This knowledge bank of workshops will contribute to enhancing the reputation of York University’s faculty members from across the 11 faculties. Through providing faculty members rich opportunities to collaborate and mentor their students, this project will empower them to be leaders. The structure of these cross-functional workshops fosters the transfer of knowledge across disciplines, faculties, and languages by harnessing the civic and social justice values of York.

Students will acquire the foundational skills essential in the 21st-century workplace by bringing faculty, administrative service experts, and students together to create cross-functional teams that deliver a roster of superior online and in-person workshops grounded in sound pedagogy, backed by rigorous research. The proven success of this model, which is grounded in the social justice branch, is based on a student-centered approach where students work closely with faculty and staff at every step of the project.

Project Lead(s)

Katie Ablett



Funding Priority

Experiential Education, student success, eLearning