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The Charrette, A Model for Creative Development


We have been invited by a major Canadian internationally renowned performance company to create a partnered student-centred creative project. The planned collaborative activity is a pilot project: a pan-Faculty 3 credit course for upper level students drawn from all 6 departments and from the Digital Media program. A small, specific creative activity will be developed and implemented during the course in collaboration with staff from the R & D department of the partnering performance company. The result, whether a 3 – 6 minute “between-acts” vignette performance, new piece of technology or other design project, will be presented to a York-wide audience at the end of the winter term. Our goal is to create an exceptional experiential learning activity for Fine Arts undergraduate majors that will significantly enhance their program of studies by providing them with an opportunity to participate in the development of creative ideas guided by an elite team of experts.

Project Lead(s)

Suzanne Jaeger


Faculty of Fine Arts

Funding Priority

Experiential Education