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The Planning Skills Lab


The Planning Skills Lab is a co-curricular initiative of the MES Planning Program to enrich Experiential Education and employability prospects for students pursuing careers in urban and regional planning. The Lab consists of weekly workshops with guest alumni and experts who facilitate hands-on sessions on innovative planning methods and tools used in their field. Workshops are combined with lab sessions that focus on improving data literacy, spatial analysis, drafting and 3D-modelling software. The professional and skill-based workshops complement the Planning Program’s theoretically oriented curriculum and provide a space for ongoing practice.

In addition to providing community-focused Experiential Education, The Planning Skills Lab gives our successful alumni an opportunity to give back to the university while equipping students with new professional networks that they can nurture for the purpose of securing employment after graduation as well as broader connections within the planning community.

Project Lead(s)

Luisa Sotomayor  


Environmental Studies

Funding Priority

Experiential Education