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Virtual Worlds: Pan-Faculty Media Curriculum


Virtual Worlds: Pan-Faculty Media Curriculum is an interdepartmental initiative in AMPD that aims to bolster student success with more robust skills development and new pan-faculty (PANF) areas of practice, focusing on virtual world-making, virtual production and animation. This project will facilitate student collaboration across AMPD through an innovative micro-credit system in technical knowledge with 3D content creation tools (e.g. Blender and Unreal Engine platforms), digital creation tools which are used across departments in AMPD. In order to create shared media development opportunities for students, this project will also integrate new interdepartmental and collaboratively developed media courses into the previous AIF project that supported BetaSpace, CMA’s Media Arts Incubator Hub, which will provide professional equipment, technical resources, and dedicated studio spaces for students to learn, network, play and create.

Project Lead(s)

Taien Ng-Chan, Patricio Davila, Ian Garrett



Funding Priority

eLearning, student success, Experiential Education