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Zemina Meghji

Leadership Team Member

Zemina has 10+ years of project management experience in the academic space where she has been able to work directly with students, staff, and faculty on large-scale, transformative projects. Through this time, she realized that she is particularly interested in understanding how systems (society and higher education, for instance) are built and how they, in turn, affect who we are as people. Zemina is able to think about and understand, deeply, the system of higher education. She leverages her diverse range of professional and educational training (from business to neuroscience to design/systems thinking/futures) to help create meaningful educational experiences. Zemina’s mission in life is to challenge the status quo in the economic and educational domains of our society. Right now, Zemina is but one out of many facilitating work around the decolonization of our educational and economic systems. She looks forward to working with the YCN team so we can make a better world for everyone.

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