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Frequently asked questions about YCN

We've listed some of the most frequently asked questions here. If your question isn't answered, leave us a comment below. Ask us anything. We are here to help.

That's up to you to decide. You can attend all or none of our events. You can just use the resources, if you like. We are here to help you in the way that you need help.

Typically at the beginning of the academic year, there is a campus-wide Pitch Day. At the end of the academic year there is a Celebration Day. In between, there are many opportunities to meet collegially with other capstone teachers and subject matter experts at our Capstone Cafes.

You get to talk about capstone teaching with others who are genuinely interested and experienced in capstone teaching. You will gain knowledge, skills, resources and insights that you can use to enrich your own capstone courses.

We would love to have you join YCN, but you don't have to in order to access our resources or attend our events. We want you to participate in whatever event or aspect you would find helpful and useful.

First, write to Then, we will email you in order to connect you with the partner behind the project.