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A survey of computer science capstone course literature

A survey of computer science capstone course literature

“The top 10 discipline skills (by citation frequency) were: design (24), requirements (22), groupwork (21), testing (19), writing (17), speaking (15), software process (14), project management (14), large system experience (14) and knowledge integration (10).” (p.213-215) “The top ten topics (by citation frequency) in Table 2 were in order: design (24), groupwork (22), requirements (20), test (18), documentation (17), lifecycle (15), presentation (15), project management (13), maintenance (10), and tools (10).” (p.217-218) “One survey organized evaluating students within a group based on the evaluator and artifact: instructor evaluation, self-evaluation, peer-evaluation, group leader evaluation, other participant evaluation, and select project artifact evaluation.” (p.219) “There were many techniques for course evaluation including: reflection, surveys, focus groups, project success, and a variant of the capability maturity model.” (p.221)

Dugan, R. F. (2011). A survey of computer science capstone course literature. Computer Science Education, 21(3), 201-267. doi:10.1080/08993408.2011.606118

Resource Theme(s): Developing capstone curriculum to enhance student achievement, Literature reviews on capstone