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Project 72

Challenge Question

How can we disseminate hydrological risk mapping of 22 watersheds to communities and local government in Chile?

Partner: Surnorte Inc.

Project Summary

Chile is a beautiful country where extreme weather and climate events, interacting with exposed and vulnerable human and natural systems, have led to disasters. Recent events include the central and southern mega-drought (2010-2016), the worst harmful algal bloom ever recorded in Patagonia, the unprecedented fire season of 2017, and major floods and landslides in north-central Chile (2015 and 2017). The application of hydrological risks maps helps to manage the uncertainty of future flood scenarios by using map layers that locate flood vulnerabilities within specific community and property contexts. These maps allow people to systematically locate, quantify and risk-prioritize flow blockages, depressions, eroding slopes and stream channels, flow blockages (roads, dams, dykes, culverts, bridges, stream and river narrows). Using data from risk scenario maps developed from 22 Chilena watersheds the research team will work towards creating innovative visualizations of those maps that allow for their dissemination on web-based platforms and their interpretation by local stakeholders, including communities and local governments, and research centers. Research teams might be composed of individuals with an interest in geography, geology, computer mapping, risk-management, design, translation, the Spanish language and communication.
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Sustainable Development Goals

Partner Video

Organizational Profile

Surnorte recognized that Canada’s most important contribution toward Latin America is the application of sustainable environmental technologies in the mining sector, forestry, and urban planning. We provide strategic business advice to Canadian firms interested in establishing a business presence in Latin America and promoting export development marketing strategies based on Canadian´s competitive advantages.

Partner Website

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