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We are now accepting applications for visits starting in the Winter 2023, as well as for the 2023-24 academic year. 

Please note that this may be affected by COVID19 developments.

The Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS) at York University in Toronto, Canada is an interdisciplinary community of researchers dedicated to advancing the well-being of refugees and others displaced by violence, persecution, human rights abuses, and environmental degradation through innovative research, education, and policy engagement. Since its inception in 1988, CRS is recognized as an international leader in the creation, mobilization, and dissemination of new knowledge that addresses forced migration issues in local, national and global contexts.

CRS hosts up to three visiting scholars at any one time. Scholars have access to shared office space, computer and printing facilities, the CRS resource centre, CRS public lectures and York University’s libraries. Visiting scholars are affiliated with CRS from 1 month to 6 months, with the possibility of renewal, depending on space.

Those who are resident at CRS during the regular academic year (September to April) are normally invited to present in the CRS seminar series.

Visiting scholars who plan to commence their visit to CRS in April or come any time during summer term (between April 15 and August 31) are required to register for and attend our annual course on refugee and forced migration issues (normally in the first half of May) as a condition of their visit. There is a fee associated with the course. Application details can be found on the Summer Course website. Regular programming and opportunities for exchange and professional development at CRS come to a close at the end of March, so this course ensures a strong substantive introduction to the Centre and to people across Toronto and Canada, as well as from other countries. See the Summer Course website for details.

We also ask scholars to acknowledge CRS’s contribution to their scholarship in publications produced while at the Centre.

Researchers wishing to apply for CRS visiting scholar status are requested to submit an online Application for Visiting Scholars.

At this time, there are no funded visiting positions available; all visitors must self-fund.

We welcome applications for self-funded visiting scholars, including graduate students, post-docs, faculty and community scholars. CRS is not, however, a graduate teaching department, so we cannot grant degrees nor accept graduate students into programs. Interested graduate students must contact a cognate department (i.e. geography, sociology, anthropology, law, socio-legal studies) to apply for a specific program at York, then affiliate with CRS.

Please note: Anyone planning on doing research involving human participants while affiliated with CRS as a visiting scholar will have to get Research Ethics approval before commencing their research. Please contact Ms. Wendy Jokhoo at the following coordinates.

Wendy Jokhoo (
Policy Advisor
Office of Research Ethics
Kaneff Tower
Tel: 416.736.5914
Fax: 416.736.5512

For more information about Research Ethics at York University, visit their website:

Research that has been approved for ethics by the visitor’s home institution will be expedited through the York office.