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Centre for Refugee Studies

The Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS) at York is an interdisciplinary community of researchers dedicated to advancing the well-being of refugees and others displaced by violence, persecution, human rights abuses, and environmental degradation through innovative research, education, and policy engagement. Since its inception in 1988, CRS has been recognized as an international leader in the creation, mobilization, and dissemination of new knowledge that addresses forced migration issues in local, national and global contexts.

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June 19 2024
Marriage economics, bargaining and strategic agency: Egyptian-Syrian intermarriage practices in the context of displacement (Dina Taha, International Journal of Intercultural Relations)

May 5 2024
Setting the record straight on refugee claims by international students (Yvonne Su, Corey Robinson, Sean Rehaag, The Conversation)

Dec 28 2023
Wenona Giles appointed to the Order of Canada

Nov 16 2023
Canada must stop treating climate disasters like unexpected humanitarian crises (Yvonne Su, Will Greaves, The Conversation)

Nov 8 2023
Unpacking Elon Musk’s convoluted U.S.-Mexico border visit (Yvonne Su, The Conversation, Nov 5 2023)

Nov 6 2023
Recipient of the 2023 Anthony Richmond Scholarship

Oct 18 2023
Job Posting: CRS Program Administration Assistant

Oct 4 2023
Introducing the Forced Migration Research Archive (FMRA)

Sept 18 2023
International students are not to blame for Canada’s housing crisis

Sept 14 2023
Job Posting: Director, Centre for Refugee Studies

August 31 2023
Project to explore experiences of Syrian, Ethiopian refugees

July 25 2023
Saying Goodbye to Howard Adelman

July 24 2023
Yvonne Su on CBC Radio: How climate change is affecting people's movements around the planet

May 2 2023
York student seeks to improve lives of refugees

April 30 2023
Canada’s costly housing market leaves international students open to exploitation (The Conversation)

April 24 2023
Fellowship for Refugees on Surveillance Technologies

January 6 2023
Refugee Hub Podcast: Christopher Kyriakides on sponsor-sponsored pre-arrival interaction

Sept 12 2022
Geopolitics of Education for Peace: Spaces of Struggle & Resistance (featured project website)

Aug 24 2022
Recipient of the 2022 Anthony Richmond Scholarship - Mara Mahmud

June 9 2022
Central America’s caravan of mothers: Personal grief and political grievance (The Conversation)

by Linn Biorklund

June 8 2022
How LGBTQI+ to LGBTQI+ support is helping Ukrainian refugees find safety in the EU (The New Humanitarian)

Co-authors: Yvonne Su, Tyler Valiquette, Aydan Greatrick, Corey Robinson

May 30 2022
Visualizing Asylum Applications (Canada 2000-2020)

The CRS-co-hosted Refugee Law Laboratory has released new asylum data visualizations, using UNHCR data.

Jan 24 2022
Why migrants risk everything to cross borders in unsafe conditions (Global News)

Dec 9, 2021
Access To Justice for Refugees: How Legal Aid and Quality of Counsel Impact Fairness and Efficiency in Canada’s Asylum System

Nov 25, 2021
Immigrant workers at Alberta meat plants vulnerable to dangerous conditions, research finds, (Calgary Herald)

Sept 23, 2021
Wildfire and flood disasters are causing ‘climate migration’ within Canada, by Yvonne Su, (The Conversation)

Sept 22, 2021
New Publication: “No Safe Place”: Documenting the migration status and employment conditions of workers in Alberta’s meatpacking industry during the pandemic

Aug 6, 2021
Recipient of the 2021 Anthony Richmond Scholarship

May 5, 2021
Clear safeguards needed around technology for border checkpoints

March 31, 2021
Moria 2.0: The EU’s sandbox for surveillance technologies

Feb 12 2021
Refugee Law Lab Receives Grant to Build Free Legal Analytics App

January 2021
Message from the Director

January 2021
2020 Winner of "Haiku Your Research" Contest

November 11 2020
UN warns of impact of smart borders on refugees: ‘Data collection isn't apolitical’

November 9 2020
Report: Technological Testing Grounds: Border tech is experimenting with people’s lives