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Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies (also known as the General Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies offered through the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies) is a unique opportunity for students to complement their regular undergraduate degrees, with a specialization in the growing field of forced migration studies. Through the Certificate program, students connect with faculty, students and visiting scholars at York’s internationally recognized Centre for Refugee Studies. At graduation, students receive a printed copy of any Certificate awarded and a notation is made on future transcripts showing Certificates earned.


1. Students must first be admitted to an undergraduate degree program at York University. Once a student’s program has been clearly defined, he or she can formally register in the Certificate Program. Students should apply to enter the Certificate program before the beginning of their 3rd Year in order to give themselves enough time to fulfil the requirements of the program.

2. Students must complete at least 6 credits in the core forced migration course Introduction to Refugee Studies (AP/HREQ 2310 6.00, cross listed to EU/GEOG 2310 6.00) or Imperialism, Racism and the Global Economy AP/HREQ 3010 6.00 as well as 18 additional credits from the available courses. As the academic requirements are administered by the Department of Equity Studies, in the event that the core course is not offered, please contact the undergraduate program director of the Department of Equity Studies for a substitute course.

Students can discuss the applicability of the other courses with the Certificate Administrator, Department of Equity Studies, Jo Nelson (

3. Students must also achieve a cumulative GPA of 5.0 or higher in the courses taken for the Certificate.

4. All students enrolled in the General Certificate Program must attend a minimum of 8 CRS seminar presentations over the course of their degree. Note: Any seminar in addition to the regular CRS seminars that are either hosted or co-sponsored by CRS can also count towards fulfilling this requirement.

CRS Seminars: We will be holding the CRS Seminars either as hybrid or virtual events, via Zoom. We will keep track of attendance via an online form, with information provided in the chat about how to access the form during the seminar.

4. Students are required to complete 15 hours volunteer participation in the Student Caucus and/or other CRS activities. Please see list of activities for suggestions. 

COVID-19 Note: In the event that volunteering with organizations is not possible, please contact Jo Nelson ( for alternatives. 

Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon between each of the participating Faculties and the Centre Refugee Studies, students registered for the Certificate will have their progress monitored by the Education Coordinator at the Centre for Refugee Studies, or by a Faculty member from the respective Faculty who agrees to serve as an advisor. In consideration of the intended interdisciplinary nature of the Certificate, advisers will guide students in course selections to result in reasonable exposure to various disciplines participating in the Certificate Program.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in applying for the Certificate Program you must first complete the application for entry to undergraduate certificate program and submit it to the Centre for Refugee Studies on the 8th floor of Kaneff Tower or via email for review. Once the Centre for Refugee Studies receives your documents, a staff member will confirm your enrollment status.

Note# 1: Student graduates of Seneca College who are recipients of the Social Service Worker – Immigrants and Refugees Diploma can apply for advanced standing for the CRS General Certificate.
Note# 2: Enrolment in the Certificate Program does not guarantee enrolment in courses offered by each Department.
Note# 3: The Certificate is directly awarded to the student by York University and the Centre for Refugee Studies has no authority to issue Certificates to the students. Please remember to submit your signed application form to graduate to the Registrar’s Office with a clear indication that you are also eligible to graduate with the Certificate.

Ready to Graduate?

Students who have completed all the requirements must fill in the application to graduate form and submit  it to the Centre Coordinator Michele Millard ( where the requirements will be verified.