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Community Scholars Advocate at Refugee Health Conference

Community Scholars Advocate at Refugee Health Conference


Published on June 20, 2019

Two Dahdaleh Institute Community Scholars, Linn Biorklund Belliveau and Carol Devine, presented at the 2019 North American Refugee Health Conference on June 14.

Speaking on a panel about Advocacy, they shared their insights from a research trip to Mexico's southern border. Linn and Carol spoke to the social and environmental forces which push people to flee, extreme levels of violence migrants face along their route and the criminalization of humanitarian aid.

June 20th is UN World Refugee Day

Image Credit: Mural outside unaccompanied children's quarters, Tenosique, Mexico, 2019/Carol Devine & Linn Biorklund Belliveau



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Carol Devine, Community Scholar, Health, Environment & Climate Change Active
Linn Biorklund Belliveau, Graduate Student Scholar, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change Active

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