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Amirhesam Ghahari

Amirhesam Ghahari

Amirhesam Ghahari

Research Assistant, Global Health Foresighting [FW19-20]


Amirhesam received a Master’s degree in Healthcare Systems Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology. His main goal is to utilize different mathematical and engineering techniques to identify significant segments of healthcare systems and design an expert model for them, and to improve the overall quality of such systems by optimizing factors, reducing errors, and, eventually, enhancing efficiency. He has experience modelling healthcare systems as Complex Adaptive Systems and developed related Agent Based or System Dynamics models to harness their inherent complexity.

Amirhesam is interested in applying Heuristic Optimization techniques to healthcare problems, particularly ones that involve Data Mining or Machine Learning for medical purposes. In order to pursue this goal, Amirhesam is completing his studies at York University in Computer Science.


Global Health Foresighting



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