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Ramneek Ahluwalia

Ramneek Ahluwalia

Adjunct Faculty Fellow

Faculty Fellow

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South Africa has been home to many remarkable leaders who have made substantial contributions to their respective fields. Among these outstanding individuals, Dr. (Professor) Ramneek Ahluwalia stands as a distinguished figure. With a strong background in medicine, Dr. (Professor) Ahluwalia has devoted his life to advancing healthcare and fostering innovation within the industry. His multifaceted career includes roles as a visiting professor at the University of Johannesburg and other higher education institutions, nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Dr. (Professor) Ahluwalia's extensive knowledge and numerous awards emphasize his status as a dynamic leader in the domains of health and education. Yet, his true mark of success lies in the tangible impact he has on communities through his work. His extensive career spans diverse countries, including South Africa, Germany, India, and Mauritius. Furthermore, he also has a PhD (Public Health) that assisted him in building a large number of significant diverse health programmes in both developing and developed world with absolute Scientific, Data systems and management experience.

He is also a Professor of Practice at Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Johannesburg and has written many publications, articles, opinion pieces on Public and Social health. He is one of the Lead authors of the book 'In search of stability, security and growth BRICS and a new world order”. He has been also chief editor of various publications and under his direction are developed various Governmental and Sector based National Polices and Frameworks.

He is part of National/Ministerial Task teams on COVID, Mental Health, HIV, TB, GBV, Disability, Drugs Addiction, NHI (National Health Insurance) and Social work streams. He has designed various successful Award winning Public-Private Partnerships building innovative, sustainable, client friendly initiatives. His experience includes strong partnership with all United NationAgencies, has addressed UN Assembly and GlobalCitizen forums. Prof Ahluwalia with his team developed global Digital health screening system “HealthCheck” with >1.6million Users. He has engineered first African accredited Civic education, Climate Change, Health skills Higher Certificate qualification for millions of learners in Southern Africa. Prof Ahluwalia serves on several boards of various National and International, governmental and non-governmental organisations. He has addressed as a speaker at international recognised Conferences across the world and actively interacts with local and international media.

Research keywords:

Global Health; Critical problem solving; Early Epidemic Controls


Global Health Foresighting



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