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Summer Programs Hosted by Partners

The Faculty of Health provides several opportunities to study at one of our global partners for 2-6 weeks during the summer.  These offerings are open to all students from any health program meeting eligibility requirements as determined by the hosting partner. Programs take place between May-August each year and provide students with the opportunity to explore a new city/country, experience a different culture, and earn credits towards their degree.

Summer programs are rich with experiential learning activities while students can explore health related topics in the selected courses.

For a full list of summer programs offered by York global partners visit Summer Programs at YorkU Partners.

Featured Summer Programs

Hosted by the University of Health & Allied Sciences located in Ho, Ghana the “African Perspectives on health, culture and societal wellbeing” course provides interactive workshops on emerging health issues while exploring indigenous African culture, traditions, and health practices. In addition to workshops, students experience community engagement opportunities, visit historical sites, hike through mountains, and spend time with healthcare teams and traditional healers over the 3-week program.

The summer program will take place from July 28 to August 23, 2024, in Ho (also known as the “Oxygen City”), which is about two and a half hours by road to the east of Accra. Ho is the administrative capital of Volta region. There are 16 regions (or provinces) in Ghana.

All interested parties are invited to register for the next UHAS Summer School. Come visit and experience Ghanaian hospitality, rich culture, and tourist sites.

For a full overview of how to get started, available courses on offer, eligibility requirements, costs, and registration deadlines visit: UHAS-GHANA Summer School

Ghana, West Africa

York Las Nubes EcoCampus in Costa Rica hosts a variety of courses (no prerequisites) that are open to all York undergraduate (3rd and 4th year) and graduate students.  Eligible students meeting academic requirements are brought closer to our partner communities and learn first-hand lessons on sustainability, indigenous culture, health, well-being, and conservation. Courses can be counted towards a 3-credit elective or applied towards degree majors with the approval of your School or Department’s program director and/or Academic Advisor.  Each course is 9-10 days in duration and takes place in Costa Rica. 

For a full overview of how to get started, available courses on offer, eligibility requirements, costs, and registration deadlines visit: Las Nubes Study Abroad.

Costa Rica

Hosted by Fulda University in Hessen, Germany students explore global questions of society, health, and economics alongside other international students. The course offers classes in German language skill development and includes opportunities to see parts of Berlin, the Rhön Mountains, and Point Alpha.



Viewing Health from a German Perspective

Sheria Colline Sawi: Bachelor of Arts, Global Health 

As a Global Health student at York University, Sheria Colline Sawi did her summer study abroad program with Fulda University of Applied Sciences in Germany. During this time, Sheria delved deep into German culture, language, and society. This transformative experience helped her become more proactive, nurturing her interpersonal skills and networking abilities. Through her courses, Sheria explored the impact of global location on health. “This experience has shed light on how health operates within diverse societies worldwide, taking into account critical factors like history, generational trauma, and societal influences on overall well-being”.  

Moreover, Sheria explored the methods used to address health concerns post-war and during pandemics. Sheria's international journey has enriched her knowledge, making her more determined to continue exploring and learning about global health's intricate dynamics. “Different countries deal with health concerns in different ways. Through this course, I was able to learn about health on a global scale and how  health is viewed in different parts of the world”. 

Sheria Colline Sawi

African Perspectives on Health in Ghana

Robyn Ahn: Bachelor of Arts, Kinesiology & Health Science

Robyn thoroughly enjoyed the “African Perspectives on Health and Wellbeing” course offered by the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ghana this summer, appreciating how it seamlessly blended classroom lectures with immersive field trips, community engagement, volunteer opportunities, and cultural networking events. “This holistic approach used in the program in Ho, Ghana was vital for gaining firsthand insights into healthcare challenges, cultural dynamics, and fostering a well-rounded understanding of health and wellness in the region.”

Through this experience, Robyn developed valuable cultural awareness and adaptability for navigating diverse future environments and circumstances. “The summer program surpassed my expectations. The vibrant culture, engaging educational activities, and meaningful connections I made were truly life changing. From hands-on workshops to forming lasting friendships, every moment was a learning opportunity. The experience broadened my horizons and left me with cherished memories.”

Robyn Ahn

Exploring Minds Across Continents: Psychology Student in Ghana

Sakina Hussaini: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Summer Program in Ghana (Pre-Departure)

At the end of her first year at York University, Sakina is heading to Ho, Ghana in West Africa for a summer program abroad. “I want to learn about how the locations individuals reside in impact them socially, culturally and economically”. Sakina is excited about this experience and developing better cultural competence as it relates to her field of study in psychology. “From a psychological perspective I want to learn about how people interact with one another and why they do the things they do, as the circumstances people grow up in impact how they interact with the world around them” Sakina exclaims. Sakina is excited about networking opportunities, building connections and exploring her host country through excursions and service work.

Experiential Reflection

During her one-month study abroad experience, Sakina gained valuable insights into how health and medicine are taught in Ho, Ghana. The most significant takeaway for Sakina was her ability to integrate herself into a diverse culture and environment, an experience she cherishes as the highlight of her study abroad journey. “I built on my critical thinking skills, how I think about the world and the connection between education and society”. Sakina developed an appreciation for the intersection of culture, education, and human experiences. “As a psychology student, I had the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people and learn about how cultural circumstance impacts the health and wellbeing of others”.

Sakina Hussaini in Ghana

Ventures to Germany to Enhance Healthcare Perspectives

John Makanjoula: Bachelor of Arts, Health Studies

John Makanjoula in his final year of study, is embarking on a journey to Germany as part of the summer study abroad program at the University of Fulda. John's decision to join this program stems from his desire to immerse himself in a vibrant tapestry of languages and diverse lifestyles. Eager to explore the nuances of healthcare practices across borders, John envisions this transformative summer program as a catalyst for enhancing his communication skills and expanding his global awareness of healthcare systems. “I’m excited to see how this experience impacts my personal growth, interpersonal skills and increases my networking opportunities.”  

 John Makanjoula 

Exploring Germany's Healthcare and Culture

Amarachi Ukabiala: Bachelor of Science, Global Health 

Amarachi, a student in her third year of the Global Health program at York University, eagerly anticipates her summer study abroad program in Germany. This experience aligns with her interest in examining public health crises and global health challenges. Germany's unique health system worldview intrigues Amarachi, driving her desire to experience it firsthand. She looks forward to exploring the influence of cultural values on perspectives, behaviors, and healthcare systems worldwide. "With Fulda University's intercultural competence course, I'll better understand how culture shapes health and healthy behaviors.” 

Amarachi Ukabiala 

Earn Credits

Depending on the structure of the courses and whether an exchange agreement is in place, students may enroll at York through an INEX course.  For INEX courses, students pay tuition to York University and the course fees to the partner to receive credits towards their degree as if on exchange.

Alternatively, students can apply for a Letter of Permission (LOP) in advance of taking the course and seek approval from their School or Department to apply credits earned towards their electives. Visit the Registrar Office website for more information about eligibility, fees and deadlines.