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Certificate in Psychological Methods and Data Analysis

Admission: Students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program within the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Health. Students in other programs within the Faculty of Health, or in the Psychology program at Glendon, are also permitted to complete the Certificate should they be permitted to do so by their program. Students can begin working on the requirements for the Certificate at any time, with an application to receive the Certificate submitted after successful completion of all the requirements (see below). It will be the responsibility of students to ensure they complete all Certificate requirements, including pre-requisites where needed.

University-Wide Residency Requirement

A minimum of 30 course credits and at least half (50 per cent) of the course credits required in each undergraduate degree program major/minor must be taken at York University.

Graduating with a Certificate: An average grade point average of 5.00 (C+) or greater is necessary across the courses taken to satisfy the requirements of the Certificate. Students must submit an application to graduate with the Certificate. Applications can be obtained from, and are submitted to, the Department of Psychology. Transcript notation that the requirements for the Certificate have been completed will be made once the Registrar's Office has received notice from the Department of Psychology of successful completion of the Certificate requirements. Certificates will not be conferred until candidates have successfully completed an undergraduate degree program.

Required courses (18 credits):
HH/PSYC 2020 6.00 or HH/PSYC 2021 3.00 and HH/PSYC 2022 3.00
HH/PSYC 2030 3.00
HH/PSYC 3031 3.00
HH/PSYC 3032 3.00
HH/PSYC 3090 3.00

A minimum of 6 credits selected from the following courses (see requirements above):
HH/PSYC 3010 3.00
HH/PSYC 3015 3.00
HH/PSYC 3900 3.00
HH/PSYC 3901 3.00
HH/PSYC 3902 6.00
HH/PSYC 3903 6.00
HH/PSYC 4330 3.00
HH/PSYC 4900 3.00
HH/PSYC 4901 3.00
HH/PSYC 4902 6.00
HH/PSYC 4903 6.00