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Forms and Templates

Individual Research Project

Students are ultimately responsible for ensuring they have all required prerequisites. Students are urged to seek guidance from Psychology Undergraduate Program Advising if they are in any doubt.

Specialized Honours Students

Religious Accommodation Agreement

Students who, because of religious commitment cannot write a formally scheduled final examination on the date scheduled should refer to the appropriate guidelines regarding the Religious Observance Policy and Accommodation Guidelines.

Final Exam/Assignment Deferred Standing Agreement

What is deferred standing?

Deferred standing may be granted to undergraduate students who are unable to write their final examination at the scheduled time or to submit their outstanding course work on the last day of classes. In order to apply for deferred standing, students must complete the Final Exam/Assignment Deferred Standing Agreement Form and reach an agreement directly with the course director for an alternate final examination date or for an extension to the deadline.

Undergraduate Petitions

Academic Petition

An Academic Petition is a written request for the waiver of a Faculty's academic regulation or deadline. If a student does choose to submit a petition due to medical reasons, student must also complete the attending physician statement along with the request.

Financial Petition

Students may submit a Financial Petition if a student does experience a serious documented medical illness or a death of an immediate family member that causes student to drop courses. If a student does choose to submit a financial petition due to medical reasons, student must also complete the attending physician statement along with the request.

Petition to Enrol Late

This form supports a student's petition to enrol in a course after the deadline.