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Counselling and Mental Health Certificate

Program Level


Degree Program Title

Counselling and Mental Health Certificate


Faculty of Health (HH)

Credential Earned

Counselling and Mental Health Certificate (CMH)



University-Wide Residency Requirements

The University residency requirement for undergraduate certificate programs is 18 credits for certificate programs requiring up to 36 credits, and 50% of the required credits for certificates comprising more than 36 credits. Normally, for undergraduate certificate programs requiring 18 credits or less, all credits are completed at York.

Admissions Requirements

Future Students

For Canadian High School Students or those who have never attended a college or university, please refer to the Future Students Admission Requirements. The Future Students Section includes information for International High School Students, College/University Student, Mature Students, Indigenous Students, Visiting Students and Student returning to York to complete my degree.

Current Students

The Counselling & Mental Health Certificate is intended for students completing an Honours BA or Honours BSc within the Department of Psychology and is completed concurrent with the honours degree requirements. Students are expected to apply prior to completing 36 credits and after completing 24 credits including PSYC1010 6.00 with a minimum grade of C. Applications are obtained from, and submitted to, the Department of Psychology.

Faculty-wide Degree Requirements

For detailed information on the Faculty-Wide Degree Requirements, please refer to the Faculty Rules section of the Academic Calendar.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum grade point average of 5.00 (C+) is required across all courses counting toward completion of the Counselling & Mental Health Certificate. In order to graduate with the Certificate, students must submit an application to the Department of Psychology. A notation signifying completion of the Certificate will appear on the student’s transcript once the Registrar’s Office has been notified by the Department of Psychology that the student has fulfilled all the Certificate requirements. Certificates will not be conferred until the candidate has successfully completed the undergraduate degree program.

Credit Completion Requirements/Exigences d’achèvement du crédit

Certificate Requirements30Total Credits

  • Complete all of the following
    • Complete all of the following
      • Passed the following:
      • Complete 1 of the following
        • Passed the following:
        • Complete all of the following
          • Passed the following:
            • HH/PSYC4061 - Theoretical Approaches to Counselling and Psychotherapy (3.00)
          • Passed the following:
            • HH/PSYC4062 - Skills and Techniques in Counselling and Psychotherapy (3.00)
      • Note: HH/PSYC 4061 3.00 (Theoretical Approaches to Counselling & Psychotherapy) AND HH/PSYC 4062 3.00 (Skills and Techniques in Counselling & Psychotherapy) taken together would count as a CCE for HH/PSYC 4060 6.00.
      • Passed the following:
        • HH/PSYC4063 - Essential Processes in Counselling and Psychotherapy (3.00)
    • Earned at least 6 credits from the following:
      • HH/PSYC4030 - Behaviour Modification and Behaviour Therapy (6.00)
      • HH/PSYC4460 - Atypical Development (6.00)
      • HH/PSYC4145 - Addiction Etiology and Treatment (3.00)
      • HH/PSYC4590 - Psychology of Trauma: Theory, Research & Applications (3.00)
    • Note: at least 12 credits of disciplinary courses that satisfy certificate requirements must be in addition to those used to satisfy requirements of an undergraduate major. These credits include: HH/PSYC 2140 3.00 and HH/PSYC 4060 6.00 (or HH/PSYC 4061 3.00 and HH/PSYC 4062 3.00) and HH/PSYC 4063 3.00.

Grand Total Credits: 30