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Student Health Ambassadors at York

Student health ambassadors at York team

The Student Health Ambassadors at York (SHAY) program provides you with a volunteer opportunity to enhance your personal, professional, organizational and leadership skills and take an active part in university life while participating in Faculty of Health recruitment initiatives.  If you are a current Faculty of Health student entering second year or higher, are enthusiastic about your degree program and enjoy interacting with people, then you will love being a SHAY.

SHAYs attend York and Faculty of Health events (Ontario Universities Fair, Fall Campus Day, Spring Open House, program information evenings) and communicate their experiences and information about Faculty of Health programs and opportunities (e.g. courses, lab work, field placements, research, student clubs, varsity sports, etc.) to prospective students and their parents. SHAYs earn reward points for every event they attend and those points translate into rewards ranging from a letter from the Dean to York apparel and bookstore gift certificates.

What SHAYs are saying about their experience



"My five years as a SHAY have been incredibly rewarding and exciting. The program introduced me to exciting aspects of the university I didn't know much about and provided a variety of incredible opportunities with which to be involved on campus. I've met more prospective students and families than I can count and have developed important life and career skills in building relationships and networking, public speaking, and it has provided stepping stones and connections to participate in other amazing opportunities, both on campus and beyond."



"The SHAY program has given me the opportunity to build life-long relationships with people who share the same passion as myself. Moreover, it has given me a platform to share my knowledge and experiences with prospective students and their families about the Nursing program and other Faculty of Health programs. Being a part of SHAY during my final two years in the Nursing program has improved my communication and interpersonal skills - both of which are vital to my future career as a nurse."


"In my first year, I was the kid who went to school and went back home; I had no social life. In my second year, I decided to do all the socializing I missed in first year and that affected my grades drastically. In third year, I learned to balance both and, through the SHAY program, I'm able to share my experiences and how I navigated through my university career. The SHAY program helped sharpen my leadership skills and gave me the platform to use the skills and knowledge I have developed. I've had the opportunity to meet incoming and current students within my program and outside of it and to collaborate with professors and staff. Through this program, I had the privilege to meet Professor Lynda who helped me with my reference for dental school."


"Being a SHAY has been one of the best decisions I have made in my undergrad. The program has given me opportunities to express myself and share my passion and experiences about fitness and neuroscience with many prospective students and their families. SHAY has given me the opportunity to make life-long friends that share the same passion as me. I have been lucky to represent not one but two of programs (Kinesiology and Neuroscience). The program has helped me grow out of my comfort zone and helped with social and leadership skills. I've had the pleasure of presenting at events like the university fair and webinars. To be able to leave a positive impact in someone's life and give them more clarity by sharing my experiences to help them head in the right direction is a privilege."


"Volunteering as a SHAY has been an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience. Being a SHAY allows me to share my own experiences and give back to York’s vibrant Faculty of Health community by helping to guide new and prospective students in order to ensure that they have the best foot forward - something I know would have helped me at the beginning of my degree! The SHAY program is a unique volunteer experience, where upper year Faculty of Health students continuously work on their interpersonal skills, whilst making lifelong connections with peers and members of faculty. "

Who are the SHAYs?

The SHAY team consists of students from second to fourth year from the six degree programs within the Faculty of Health. These students have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, are ambitious, proactive, and driven toward making a difference in the world. Through their experience as students in the Faculty of Health and the York community they play an integral role in helping prospective students determine why York and the Faculty of Health is the ideal place for them to pursue their post-secondary education.

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