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Video Description - Kinesiology & Health Science

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[Faculty of Health at York University logo]

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[Kinesiology & Health Science logo]

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[Students walking around campus]
Welcome to the school of kinesiology and health science and the

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[Students in an office]
Faculty of Health at York University.

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[Professor Angelo Belcastro, Chair of the School of Kinesiology & Health Science]
We offer more elective courses in a variety of different areas than other programs have courses in total.

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[Professor lecturing in a classroom with the words “Fitness and Health, Neuroscience, Socio-cultural perspectives, Psychology of Exercise and Health, Physiology (Cellular, Systems & Exercise)”]
Our courses are broken down into nutrition, metabolism, Fitness, social and cultural perspectives, physical activity, and sport. About mechanics, neuroscience, etc. to mention a few.

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[Faith Bacani, fourth year student]
I really enjoyed a lot of the course content and a variety of the courses that the Kinesiology program offers in general.

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[Researcher working in a lab]
These courses actually had a

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[Person running on a treadmill in a lab]
lab component associated with them so it was really interesting. We get grouped

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[Students working in a lab]
into like smaller lab classes in which we're able to have more hands-on experience with the course content.

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[Professor helping students in a lab]
Which really helps solidify what we learned in class.

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[Professor Angelo Belcastro speaking]
We have local agreements where students actually get into the community and work with families, work with children, work with adults.

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[Tarun Fernandez, fourth year student]
Outside of class, I partook in a research opportunity it was called kin kids and it was at a local

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[Driftwood Community Centre]
Driftwood Community Center which is right near York University

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[Tarun Fernandez speaking]
and we looked at childhood obesity and diabetes and

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[Children playing in a gym]
how simple exercise and just playing games with the children could lower these rates.

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[Imran Ghaznawi, fourth year student]
Some of the professors had taken students for summer research positions and one of my experiences was with Sick Kids Hospital where we actually had to collect data for one summer.

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[Gym scoreboard displaying the sentence “Welcome to destination graduation!”]
We also have destination graduation where

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[Students cheering on gym bleachers]
we really try to present to students

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[Students playing games in a gym]
that sense of community within the

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[York University Lion mascot]
School of Kinesiology and Health Science.

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[Students cheering on gym bleachers]
They get a chance to meet their professors and get a chance to meet existing students. Faculty within the School of Kinesiology and Health Science are essentially second to none. We have a requirement that all of our first year

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[Professor talking with a group of students]
students are actually taught by full-time tenure-track research faculty

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[Professor Angelo Belcastro]
so that students right from the get-go get the experience and the understanding of what it takes to be a kinesiologist and a health scientist.

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[Mahshad Kolahdouzan, fourth year students]
The professors here are so approachable and so friendly and so engaging that you can talk to them

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[Professors and students in a lab]
about their research

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[Professor giving a lecture]
And their subjects and learn a lot more.

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[Mahshad speaking]
My experience here has taught me a lot about how I love research and I've realized my passion for both research and human interaction and now I know that I want to incorporate both in my career perhaps as a medical researcher, as a physician clinician so I'm very thankful for that.

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[Professor Angelo Belcastro speaking]
As well, number of students progress into other Health Professions

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[Physician in a hospital]
being a Physician,

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[Physiotherapist assisting a patient]

0:02:33.840 --> 0:02:36.660,
[Therapist helping a patient]
Occupational therapist for example.

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[Professor Angelo Belcastro speaking]
We also have opportunities in the health field in terms of

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[Two people helping a senior use the computer]
managing community centers ,

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[Swim instructor teaching children at a pool]
managing recreation centers and

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[Professor Angelo Belcastro speaking]
a number of students enter into our graduate programs to do a masters or a PhD degree with us.

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[Text on screen: “” appears on screen]

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[Faculty of Health logo]