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Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Faculty and Staff Productivity and Well-Being

Funder: SSHRC Exchange - KMb Grant, York University

Principal Investigator: Kelly Pike (Assistant Professor, Human Resource Management)

Project Description:

This project will  inform the community about how the pandemic is impacting their peers, and what factors explain why individuals are experiencing different outcomes. The project touches not just on work-related outcomes but also the work-family interface, mental health, and the importance of social interaction, among other things. It brings the focus back to people, to humans and their resources – what fills their tank and what depletes it, and how their experiences can help to inform action by different stakeholders on campus, including administrators, unions, and other community members. Furthermore, by being able to compare these outcomes with the survey results from the other Canadian and Australian universities involved in the project, we will have a better understanding of how our workers are being impacted by the pandemic differently (or not) from others, and how York’s COVID-19 response fares in comparison with other national and international institutions.

One objective of this project is to share the results of a survey conducted with faculty and staff at York in August/September 2020 regarding the impact of COVID-19 on their working arrangements (see here). A second objective is to be able to present the data in an interactive way so that individuals can explore the data based on the characteristics that are of most interest and relevance to them. Third, we seek to gather input through stakeholder consultations on the initial survey, draft reports, and website, in order to adequately prepare for a follow-up survey to be conducted in the Fall 2021.