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COVID-19: Building Economic Inclusion and Food Justice

Funder: SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant

Principal Investigator: Luann Good Gingrich (Associate Professor, Social Work)

Omar Khan (Independent Refugee Activist)
The Neighbourhood Organization (TNO)

Project Description:

This project is a partnership between Professor Good Gingrich (PI, York); Collaborator Omar Khan; and The Neighbourhood Organization (TNO). This partnership aims to 1) document and 2) mitigate the immediate and long-term "viral inequality" of the pandemic. The objectives of this project are: 1) Needs Assessment: to understand and chronicle experiences of economic insecurity and food insecurity, and the relationship between them, since the onset of COVID-19, with the intent of establishing a robust base of evidence to inform food justice and inclusive economic development initiatives; 2) Resources Assessment: to engage in an assessment of community-level resources in order to build an inventory of individual and collective skills, interests, experience, research, programs and services in support of refining and expanding community food justice and economic inclusion initiatives; 3) Evaluation: to implement a participatory and iterative process to develop-evaluate-refine-evaluate inclusive food security and social inclusion initiatives in the face of COVID-19 and beyond.