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2023 Recipient - Dara Dillon

Meet Dara, an accomplished researcher who has achieved great success in her academic and professional endeavours. She holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from the Australian Institute of Business, an MSc in Strategic Studies from the University of Aberdeen, and is currently pursuing a BA (Spec Hons) in Urban Studies at York University.

Dara's diverse research experience includes working as a research trainee for the City of Toronto, conducting research on physical, social, and economic factors related to city initiatives. As a research assistant for the International Justice Partnership at York University, she conducted investigations and surveys on economic and physical factors affecting court administration. Additionally, as the Research Director for the iAMpower Foundation in Trinidad and Tobago, Dara researched and wrote numerous documents on legal and policy issues related to GBV.

These experiences have honed Dara's skills in research, data collection and analysis, and policy development, and her outstanding work has been recognized with awards such as the Dr. James Wu Award for Best Lower-Year Project in 2021 at York University’s Undergraduate Research Fair, the DARE Undergraduate Researchers recipient in 2022, and now, the YusApuY Undergraduate Research Award at the GLRC in 2023.

When Dara is not conducting research, she enjoys exploring the world through its cuisine, tasting dishes from different cultures and regions. She also values spending quality time with her family, whether it's playing board games or enjoying family dinners. Dara's commitment to excellence and dedication to research make her a valuable asset to any team, and her future accomplishments are sure to be just as impressive.

Research Project Description

Coming this spring, prepare to delve into the experiences of Black women staff members at York University like never before. Led by Dara Dillon, the 2023 recipient of the prestigious YusApuY Undergraduate Research Award at the GLRC, an insightful research study titled 'Uncovering the Lived Experiences of Black Women Staff at York University through a Black Feminist Lens' aims to provide a platform for the voices of Black women staff members. Dara will conduct in-depth interviews and analyze data to explore the unique challenges faced by Black women staff through a Black feminist lens. This ground-breaking study promises to shed light on important issues such as intersectionality, identity, and representation, and spark important conversations across the University's community about equity, diversity, and inclusion in higher education. Stay tuned for updates on this research study, which is set to take place from April to August 2023.