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Dr. Agnès Berthelot-Raffard in Documentary "The Myth of Black Women"

Dr. Agnès Berthelot-Raffard in Documentary "The Myth of Black Women"

The Harriet Tubman Institute is pleased to announce and congratulate Dr. Agnès Berthelot-Rafford in her participation as an expert in the new documentary "The Myth of Black Women" directed by Ayana O'Shun.

Programmer's notes:

In this documentary, Ayana O'Shun tackles the decades-long misrepresentation of Black women in Hollywood-led video productions, where they have been dominantly stereotyped as either a hypersexual Jezebel, a lovable caregiver, or an angry Black woman. Weaving the past and present and featuring a diverse group of Black activists, O’Shun meticulously examines the impacts of these stereotypes on Black women and the biases they often face in their lives.

Her documentary also re-emphasizes the need for changes in mainstream media and the importance of creating a more inclusive environment in the film industry for all ethnicities and groups who have been the target of stereotyping.

-Reza Sameni

The documentary will be available to viewing at the Reelworld Festival next week from October 12-18, 2022. Passes are available here: