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Research and Work Opportunities

The Department of Chemistry offers a wide range of research opportunities for undergraduate students in various stages of their program. These opportunities provide valuable insights into state-of-the-art research in a Chemistry or Biochemistry setting and are often a springboard for a successful career in graduate studies and beyond. Importantly, many supervisors value this as an excellent student training opportunity and the prerequisite is simply enthusiasm for research. To learn more about the research in the respective groups, please refer to their individual websites

Note: While many professors have openings on a regular basis, it is critical for each option that students reach out to potential supervisors well ahead of the desired research term (ideally six months or more) to inquire about an opening. Advice on finding a supervisor is available here

The following are the available options: 

A) Course-credit 

B) Financial Remuneration (Summer Research) 

In most cases, this option is generally available for the summer period (May-August), as there is also dedicated scholarship support available. Both NSERC (USRA, Undergraduate Summer Research Award) and the Faculty of Science (DURA, Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award) offer competitive awards that are supplemented by the supervisor’s research grants. The awards are valued at ca. $7500-$8000 for the summer period. Note that NSERC awards are also available for non-York students (domestic only), while DURA awards are exclusively for York students (both domestic and international). 

Supervisors may also be able to offer a similarly paid position without the scholarship support.  

In either case, it is highly advisable to first reach out to potential supervisors near the end of the preceding year at the latest. This ensures that a position is secured and to safely meet the scholarship deadline in February.  

Note: The Faculty of Science also provides tailored information sessions, usually in late January. 

c) Other Experiential Education Opportunities

The Faculty of Science offers students several ways in which to gain concrete experience by synergistically applying their classroom knowledge in a work/professional setting.

The Experiential Education website provides you with all the currently offered programs.

Follow the links below for information on eligibility and the application process for the specific programs:

Another option is through Mitacs which offers summer research opportunities abroad for York 
undergraduate students, as well as for international students at York through their GLOBALINK program. Please refer to the details on their website.