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Co-op Program

The York University Co-op Program provides students in specific programs with an opportunity to integrate their classroom learning with hands-on, paid work experiences related to their field of study. While completing their work terms, co-op students apply their classroom learning in a work environment, explore potential career options, and build relationships with colleagues and employers.

Students who are interested in applying for the Co-op Program should attend an information session before submitting their application.

Co-op Program Application Process

Review the steps required to maximize your chances of participating in the Co-op Program.

Read the terms, fees, and academic requirements of the Co-op Program before submitting your application.

Submit the Co-op Program application form (Passport York login required)


The Faculty of Science currently offers co-op opportunities for students who are full-time students with at least 9 credits remaining before they enter their work term, in one of the following programs of study:

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Benefits of Co-op

Co-op gives students the opportunity to gain professional, paid work experiences related to their program of study. Each job is approved by York University to ensure that students are engaging in productive and meaningful work in their respective disciplines. Other benefits include:

Gaining hands-on work experience before you graduate

Earning income as all co-op positions are full-time and paid

Networking with professionals in your field

Learning by applying classroom knowledge in a professional work environment

Co-op Program FAQs

Students must be enrolled full-time with at least 9 credits remaining before they enter their work term in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, or Environmental Biology.

Students must have an overall cumulative GPA at 5.0 and a Major GPA of 6.0.

Students need to be interested in gaining professional work experience before graduation.

We recommend students apply after they complete their first-year of study. Co-op is available to both domestic and international students.

Fall TermWinter TermSummer Session
Year 1StudyStudyApply for Co-op Program
Year 2SC/COOP 2000 2.00StudyFirst co-op work term
Year 3StudyStudy or co-opStudy or co-op
Year 4Study or co-opStudy or co-opStudy or co-op
Year 5Study*
*Note: there must be at least one term of full-time studies after the last work term.

Yes, all co-op positions are paid. You will be working full-time with your employer for the duration of the Co-op.

Undergraduate students are considered full-time if they are registered in a course load of at least 60% or 9.00 credits in each term. If you are an undergraduate student with a permanent disability, you are considered full-time if you are registered in a course load of at least 40% or 6.00 credits in each term.

Program Enrollment Fee – $200 (This fee is to cover the costs of providing customized job search and career support services for co-op students, access to the co-op job posting board and the overall administration of the program.)

Work term courses (per course, i.e., for each four-month work term) – $475

The academic course COOP 2000 2.00 carries the normal per credit fee as it will count towards your elective credit.

Upper-level students in the third or fourth year may not be eligible for co-op as they need time to complete SC/COOP 2000 2.00 during the fall term and have at least 9.00 credits remaining in their degree before they go on their first work term. We still encourage all students who meet the eligibility criteria to apply, however, as all student applications will be reviewed one by one to determine eligibility.

The eligibility requirements are the same for both domestic students and international students. However, international students may need to apply for a 'Co-op & Internship Work Permit' before starting their work term. Once accepted into the Co-op & Internship program, please contact the Experiential Education Office for further details.