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How to Reach Us

Faculty of Science

4700 Keele Street
Lumbers Building 355
Toronto, ON M3J1P3

416 736 5051

Monday to Friday
8:30AM - 4:30PM

General Enquiries

For a complete list of Science faculty, staff, and administrative departments, please see the York Atlas.

Science Engagement Programs

SEP offers science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs for youth.

For more information, visit our SEP website.

Science Academic Services

SAS is the undergraduate advising office for all Science students.

Current Students:

Future Students:

International Students:

For more information, visit our Academic Advising page.


For questions pertaining to applications:



Dean's Office Staff Directory

Executive Team

Name and titleResponsibility Contact
Rui Wang
Responsible for the leadership and direction of the Faculty of
416-736-2100 x33509
Lumbers 355
Gerald Audette
Associate Dean,
Oversees and facilitates the processes for faculty activities, compliance, and conflict resolution. Oversees all personnel actions relating to faculty, including advising the process for appointments, reappointments and
Lumbers 355
Michael Scheid
Associate Dean,
Responsible for student recruiting, promotion of programs, high school liaisoning, student relations, academic integrity and Faculty Council
Lumbers 355
Vivian Saridakis
Associate Dean,
Research & Partnerships
Responsible for advancing the research agenda within the Faculty of Science through support of all research activities at various levels, from undergraduate students to multi-institutional
Lumbers 324
Hovig Kouyoumdjian
Associate Dean, Curriculum & Pedagogy
Provides leadership and direction for matters related to the Faculty’s academic programs and pedagogical innovation, including diverse ancillary
Lumbers 355
Helen McLellan
Executive Officer
Chief non-academic administrator of the Faculty of Science, responsible for the daily operations of the
416-736-2100 x33109
Lumbers 355
Eva Hughes
Assistant Dean,
Strategic Enrolment Management
& Science Engagement
Provides direction and leadership for enrolment management, student communication, faculty governance, and Science Engagement Programs. Oversees collaboration and support of university-wide policies and processes that enhance student success and
Lumbers 351
Melissa Hughes
Senior Advisor, Strategic Engagement & Policy
Advises on key policy matters in alignment with the Faculty’s strategic plan and objectives, and guides strategic engagement and outreach
Lumbers 320
Name and titleResponsibility Contact
Karyn Davies
Executive Assistant
Manager Dean's Office
Serves as the primary point of contact for internal and external constituencies on all matters pertaining to the Dean’s
Lumbers 355K
Monique Golding
Office Assistant
Supports the Executive Assistant and other senior administrators in the Office of the
Lumbers 355
Sibonile Siyakatshana
Administrative Assistant
Supports the Associate Dean, Students, and the Office of the Dean, on various projects and coordination of
Lumbers 355
Joanne Sequeira
Administrative Assistant, Research & Graduate Education
Supports the Associate Dean, Research and Partnerships; the Associate Dean, Students with graduate education matters; and the Office of the Dean on various projects and coordination of processes.”
Lumbers 355
Tianna McFarlane
Administrative Assistant
Supports the Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs, and the Office of the Dean, on various projects and coordination of
Lumbers 355
Carmina Celeridad
Administrative Assistant
Supports the Associate Dean, Curriculum & Pedagogy, and the Office of the Dean, on various projects and coordination of processes.
Lumbers 355
Name and titleResponsibility Contact
Maksym Stolyarevskyy
Director of Development
Oversees donor relations and development and alumni communications for the
Name and titleResponsibility Contact
Margaret Mroziewicz
Communications Manager
Develops and implements the Faculty’s communications strategies, brand and visual identity in alignment with the Faculty’s strategic plan and University
Lumbers 309
Anna Burtin
Website & Multimedia Coordinator
Supports graphic and media design projects, and the development and maintenance of websites within the
Lumbers 313
Name and titleResponsibility Contact
Brad Sheeller
Director, Safety & Business Operations
Oversees the physical spaces and operational infrastructure required to support research, teaching and administrative operations, as well as health and safety for the
Life Sciences Bldg. (LSB), 425
Jonathan Cevallos
Facilities Manager
Responsible for the management, administration and coordination of facilities, capital projects and safety operations in the
Life Sciences Bldg. (LSB), 425
Kevin Freedman
Facilities Coordinator
Supports the Facilities Management team by coordinating moves, furniture purchases, and contractor work, and monitoring the completion of service
Life Sciences Bldg. (LSB), 425
Name and titleResponsibility Contact
Wendy Booth
Senior Financial Officer
Responsible for planning, analysis and management of the Faculty budget and financial
416-736-2100 x22804
Lumbers 347
Jin Min Mao
Faculty Research Administrator
Supports the financial administration, reporting and monitoring of research grants and contracts, including compliance with policies and
416-736-2100 x20755
Lumbers 328
Maggie Xu
Financial Administrative Assistant
Supports administrators, staff and faculty with financial activities, data, forms and
416-736-2100 x20946
Lumbers 330
Name and titleResponsibility Contact
Irina Ovis
People Partner
Supports and guides human resources management for non-academic staff in the Faculty.
Lumbers 346
Name and titleResponsibility Contact
Hugo Chen
Director, International Collaborations & Partnerships
Develops and oversees collaborations and partnerships between the Faculty and international
Lumbers 355
Mingming Li
Science Recruiting International Coordinator
Supports the planning, development and implementation of strategies for international undergraduate recruitment, conversion and marketing through partnerships and
Chemistry, 254

For IT support inquiries, please visit the IT Services webpage.

Name and title ResponsibilityContact
Jerusha Lederman
Director, Research and Partnerships
Manages and delivers research services, and advises on research strategy, policy, partnerships, initiatives, and award
Lumbers 325
Phoebe Chan
Research Officer
Supports the application, awarding and monitoring of prestigious awards, grants, partnerships, contracts and other external
Lumbers 319
Stuart Macgregor
Research Officer
Supports the application, awarding and monitoring of prestigious awards, grants, partnerships, contracts and other external funding.
Lumbers 319
Anna Porretta
Administrative Assistant, Research
Provides administrative support to research projects, including project coordination, budget and grant administration, and events and
Chemistry Building 240
Name and titleResponsibility Contact
Ashley Nahornick
Educational Development Specialist
Supports curriculum development and enhancement, and strategies and initiatives to promote improvements in teaching and
416-736-2100 x22315
Lumbers 314