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Experiential Education

Experiential Education (EE) gives students the opportunity to apply theories learned in the classroom to concrete experiences. These experiences can occur within a course, community, or work/professional setting. The goal of EE is to deepen the learning objectives of a course or program, allowing students to better retain their knowledge of new concepts and be better prepared for life after graduation.

Students will engage in Classroom EE through group work, labs, field trips, field courses, case studies, guest speakers, and more.

There are also many ways for students to participate in research opportunities through research practicum courses, Research at York (RAY), Capstone Project Courses, NSERC USRA Research Awards, and Dean Undergraduate Research Awards.

Students can engage in Community EE by participating in research projects, volunteering, networking, or becoming peer mentors. Some programs also offer international research experiences.

Co-op is available for full-time, Honours or Specialized Honours students in Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Environmental Biology, and Environmental Science.

Internships are available for full-time, Honours or Specialized Honours students in Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Biophysics, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics for Education, Mathematics and Statistics.

Both co-ops and internships are paid, full-time work experiences.

York Capstone Network (YCN) is a faculty-driven initiative to provide an unique, cross-faculty capstone experience for students. C4 (Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom) brings together third- and fourth-year students from across the university to work together in multi-disciplinary teams on pressing, “real-world” challenges posed by organizations operating in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds.

To learn more about YCN and C4 opportunities, please visit our website

Get involved by emailing to join the mailing list and to learn about the next Capstone Café.

“Co-op has changed my perspective of outreach and I hope it will be a part of my future career. This experience has encouraged me to apply for graduate studies to enhance my knowledge and skills in the field. Co-op is a great way to gain practical experience and determine if you are in the right field”

— Mandy H, Environmental Science Co-op Student

How to Reach us

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